The intranet your employees deserve

Rise delivers a beautiful cloud intranet experience that is mobile, effective, and tailored to your organization.

Is intranet-as-a-service right for your company? Accelerate your SharePoint intranet with Rise.

Introducing Intranet-as-a-Service

Rise is an Intranet-as-a-Service, a new breed of solution that can deliver on the most common functionality needed for your SharePoint intranet, out of the box. This allows your intranet to be up and running quickly – helping to engage your end users immediately.

Rise puts your employees at the center of the intranet experience, giving all employees the intranet they deserve. With improved usability thanks to Rise’s consumer-style interface and enterprise-grade features, Rise allows you to surface the highest-value features of Office 365 and make them easy to use.

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An evergreen approach to the intranet

Rise is a subscription service that continues to deliver value over time. This means that Rise is always up to date and delivers new value with each release. A customer-driven roadmap assures you will see continuous value from your investment. We built Rise with the vision to connect people to each other and to their company through outstanding intranet experiences.

Our focus is on:


Rise enables beautiful content, delivered through an engaging, mobile intranet experience that is produced with simplified content management and branded according to your corporate standards.


Rise facilitates connections to people and content through integrated social experiences and personalized content discovery. Users are more engaged and easier to reach.


Rise provides consistency across the intranet through powerful tools to manage navigation, branding, and deployments; allowing administrators and content authors to work more intelligently and get more done.


Rise delivers contextual experience to all users by leveraging their context and behavior to facilitate relevant user experiences.

How does Rise benefit your business?

Imagine a marketing team that is empowered because it can quickly create and publish the content needed to get the right message to the right audience. Think of an HR department that is enabled to communicate the most up to date and relevant information with ease. Picture an IT department that is focused on projects with strategic value rather than mundane maintenance.

With Rise, processes that previously required custom effort – including publishing, social feed integration, professional branding, and mobile-readiness – are now available out of the box. Your team will appreciate and use the intranet as a powerful instrument for getting work accomplished, and no longer view it as a barrier to collaboration.


The top intranets for 2016 as rated by the Nielsen Norman Group took an average of 1.3 years to build. Leveraging a product approach enables the lead time for your intranet launch to be shortened and lets your team focus their efforts on content, configuration, and user enablement, rather than development and testing. With Rise you can measure your intranet timeline in weeks, not months or years!


Every custom development project carries risk. By leveraging an intranet-as-a-Service solution you can start with pre-tested components allowing you to focus on configuration, not customization. Best practices are designed into Rise from the start and backed up with world-class support.


The average lifespan for an intranet is 3-5 years. Within most organizations the value of the intranet will significantly degrade over time unless the company has continuously invested in maintenance and new features. Rise provides a dedicated product team which is continually enhancing the product and keeping pace with the latest trends in intranet technology. Over the same 3-5 year period, your Rise intranet will increase in value with the release of new and innovative features.


Rise is a product of Perficient, one of the top Microsoft partners in the industry. Our dedicated Rise product and support team is committed to your continued success with your Rise intranet. Our ongoing investment in Rise ensures that your intranet will remain up to date with the latest innovative features for years to come.