Rise is a fully-responsive, mobile-ready intranet with industry proven features that make communication effective and easy with Office 365 or on-premises SharePoint.

Rise Mobile

The evergreen intranet solution

Rise is the evergreen intranet solution delivering continuous value through an enterprise class managed solution. Rise delivers ROI for your organization in these key areas:

  • Integrated Office 365 experience
  • Consumer-grade user experience
  • Built-in mobility
  • Simplified content management
  • Information architecture and navigation
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Shortened timeframe to deploy
  • Predictable cost structure

Is intranet-as-a-service right for you?


Rise delivers an integrated Office 365 intranet experience for our customers giving all employees the intranet they deserve.


Rise enables you to effectively communicate with every employee through curated content, global alerts, and two-way communication. Content authors are enabled through easy-to-use templates so that they can focus on creating beautiful content without the need for technical assistance. Users are able to access content that is relevant and timely regardless of the device they are on.


The modern intranet is a conversation and a way of connecting. Rise facilitates the conversation by providing integrated social capabilities such as feeds, comments, and sharing. Your users can engage with content and with each other.


Rise was designed with a mobile-first philosophy that shines through. Rise’s consumer-style user interface is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing. So whether you are in the office or on the go your content is accessible and user friendly.


Your brand is not just the external face of your company, it is something that your employees recognize and identify with. Rise recognizes the importance of maintaining consistent branding for both your external and internal audiences. Rise provides a robust theming engine allowing you to provide a consistent experience for all users.

Curated Content

Rise enables beautiful departmental and location based content that provide the most relevant and contextual information needed. Content authors are enabled to communicate effectively through intuitive templates and controls. Allowing users to access important information such as news, important documents, key contacts, and more.


Rise provides wizard-based administration tools that enable your admin team to keep Rise current and providing the latest and greatest features to your users. Content authors will enjoy the streamlined publishing process and editing simplicity.


Rise enables a rich Directory experience for Applications, Documents, and People providing quick access to common tools and allowing users to find expertise and work together more efficiently.


Rise enables translation of content to more than 50 supported languages, removing language barriers and allowing users access to content in their native language regardless of the language content was published in.


Each company has a unique structure and way of doing things. Rise is built to be flexible and adjust to your unique requirements. Rise allows you to maintain centralized control over your intranet’s information architecture and navigation so that all users enjoy a consistent experience. Rise allows you to surface the right information at the right time, ensuring an up-to-date and relevant experience.


We understand that the rollout of a new technology can be challenging and that gaining long-term adoption is key to your success. Our dedicated Rise team will help guide you and provide support throughout the entire process. We will walk you through the installation process and make sure that your content authors are fully enabled to create beautiful content on your Rise intranet. Our dedicated team will be there to respond to any issues and answer any questions.

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