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Building Your Modern Intranet: An Approach Using SharePoint and Office 365

In this guide, you’ll learn our approach to the modern SharePoint intranet. By understanding why outdated intranets fail, you’ll learn tips for launching a successful modern intranet, including key focus areas, critical components, and more.

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The State of the Modern Intranet

What does the landscape for intranets look like now – and what does the future hold? We polled more than 100 intranet users to learn more about the current state of their organizations’ intranets and what their plans are for the future.

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Accelerate Your SharePoint Intranet with Rise

Your company’s intranet is not your core business, but it is core to your business. As the need for easily adoptable intranet solutions grows and build timelines increase, getting up and running quickly while putting your employees’ needs at the center of their intranet experience has become extremely important.

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Connecting and Engaging Healthcare Workers with SharePoint

Knowledge sharing is imperative in the healthcare industry, where workers increasingly rely on the quick exchange of information to work and make important decisions. But some healthcare organizations find it overwhelming or nearly impossible to manage the large volumes of information necessary to keep employees informed.

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